All the New VR Games Coming in October

The 7th Guest VR New VR Games October

With the nights getting longer and the weather getting cooler, the onset of Autumn means an abundance of new videogames. So far October 2023 isn’t going to disappoint VR fans with over 20 titles confirmed so far, for PlayStation VR 2, Quest 2 and 3, and PCVR headsets. So let’s dive in and see all the new VR games set to arrive this October.

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Fear Not the Horror Game Awards Voting has Begun

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 2 PSVR2

Play VR long enough and you’ll eventually build up the courage to try a horror game. There’s nothing quite like being inside a VR horror experience, easily surpassing any flatscreen equivalent. If you love scares galore then pay attention, the Horror Game Awards voting has begun and needs your input.

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Propagation: Paradise Hotel Review: Resi Paradiso

Propagation: Paradise Hotel

Creepy mansions, asylums, hospitals, there are plenty of good locations to host a horror game. But could the top of that list be hotels? They’re not inherently scary but most of us are probably far more familiar with the seemingly endless, multi-door corridors of a hotel than some giant mansion. VR has already seen the likes of A Wake Inn utilise the setting – with mixed results. Now it’s time for Wanadev Studio’s Propagation: Paradise Hotel, a zombie-filled nightmare for Meta Quest 2 and Steam headsets.

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New Horrors Await in Propagation: Paradise Hotel for PC VR & Quest 2

Propagation: Paradise Hotel - image4

Back in 2020, French virtual reality developer WanadevStudio released Propagation VR. A free wave-shooter, it saw you having to fend off monsters in a subway station. The studio went on to expand the idea, creating Propagation: Paradise Hotel. A survival horror where you’re trapped in a hotel, the game is coming to PC VR and Quest 2 in May.

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