New Horrors Await in Propagation: Paradise Hotel for PC VR & Quest 2

Back in 2020, French virtual reality developer WanadevStudio released Propagation VR. A free wave-shooter, it saw you having to fend off monsters in a subway station. The studio went on to expand the idea, creating Propagation: Paradise Hotel. A survival horror where you’re trapped in a hotel, the game is coming to PC VR and Quest 2 in May.

Rather than shooting waves of enemies like Propagation VR, Propagation: Paradise Hotel offers a full solo adventure. You take on the role of Emily Diaz, one of only three survivors trapped in the hotel’s kitchen. All the other residents and staff contracted an illness turning them into monsters. However, you learn your sister is alive and so head on out to find her.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel - image2

Don’t stay too long in Paradise Hotel

Horrors lurk around every corner in this dark and scary hotel. You’ll have to carefully navigate the hallways, exploring each and every room for valuable resources.

Guns will be available but you can choose whether to use them or not. Sometimes stealth might be a more valuable tool than running and gunning. Plus, as this is a survival horror, you’ll want to save those bullets for the most opportune moments.

The virus has mutated everyone in numerous ways, some worse than others. Some residents seem to be mere zombies whilst there are those that are monstrous creatures.

Additionally, in between all of this are a variety of puzzles to solve and a narrative to discover.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel will arrive for PC VR and Meta Quest headsets on 4th May 2023. You can see the new cinematic trailer below for more details.

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