Propagation: Paradise Hotel Begins its Stay on PSVR 2 Soon

In May, WanadevStudio released its horror sequel Propagation: Paradise Hotel for Quest 2 and PCVR headsets. Set in a very creepy, monster-filled hotel, the studio recently announced a PSVR 2 port. This will see Propagation: Paradise Hotel hit PSVR 2 just in time for Halloween.

Unlike its predecessor Propagation VR – which was a wave shooter – this time around the atmosphere is even more intense. A catastrophic event has turned the inhabitants of the hotel into various creatures, from basic hungry zombies to far more ferocious beings. You play Emily Diaz, an employee and one of only three survivors trapped in the hotel’s kitchen. However, you learn your sister is alive so head on out to find her.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel - image4

Hotel horrors await

Leaving the safe confines of the kitchen, you need to explore each floor of the hotel, looking for clues and valuable resources. With power out in a lot of the hotel finding batteries for your torch is crucial, but light also alerts those nearby. And so does noise. So whilst you have a gun to defend yourself – looking for ammo en route – using it may make the situation worse. Propagation: Paradise Hotel can be played stealthily or with an action lean.

In between all the sneaking around and trying not to get ripped apart, there are also plenty of puzzles to solve. Forcing down all those creepy, dark corridors.

WanadevStudio hasn’t confirmed whether the PSVR 2 version of Propagation: Paradise Hotel will feature any headset-specific features. PSVR 2 ports tend to add eye tracking, improved foveated rendering and headset haptics.

October tends to be a month filled with scary games and 2023 is no different. The likes of MADiSON VR,  Phasmophobia and The 7th Guest VR are all on the list.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is scheduled to be released this October, with a specific date yet to be revealed. Are you looking forward to all the upcoming horror titles? Let us know in the comments below.