Xbox Cloud Gaming: Meta Quest Gimmick or Vital Feature?

Xbox Cloud Gaming Meta Quest

This month Meta Quest finally got the coveted Xbox Cloud Gaming feature. Currently, in beta form, it allows Quest owners with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to stream 2D games on the platform. That means, being able to play games like Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport and Starfield on a huge virtual screen. But is 2D Xbox Cloud Gaming on Quest worth the fuss, or is it merely a marketing gimmick?

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Meta Quest Isn’t Just for Gaming as Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint Apps Arrive

Meta Quest Microsoft Word

We all primarily use our Meta Quest’s for gaming. Playing great titles like Asgard’s Wrath 2 or Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice. But Meta – CEO Mark Zuckerberg in particular – has always envisioned its VR headsets as an entire workplace solution. The latest drive to encourage users to see VR as a work tool has been the release of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for Meta Quest.

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Toy Trains Multiplatform Arrival Planned for January

Toy Trains Keyart

There’s been a few VR game delays of late, such as Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable and Bulletstorm VR. Just like the rail services in the UK, Something Random’s Toy Trains has also seen a slight delay. Not by much, however, with a new Toy Trains multiplatform launch now taking place in January.

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Skydance’s Behemoth Adventure Moves Into 2024

Skydance's Behemoth artwork

In 2022 Skydance Interactive unveiled its latest VR project. A colossal monster-hunting adventure called Behemoth for Meta Quest, PSVR 2 and PCVR headsets. Slated for a late 2023 launch, since that initial reveal no further details have been released, until now. And as we kind of expected due to the silence, the game has been delayed. It’s also received a slight name change to Skydance’s Behemoth.

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VR MMORPG Ilysia Could Finally Begin Early Access in October

VR mmorpg IIysia screenshot5

Creating big open-world role-playing games is no easy task, especially where VR is concerned. The likes of Zenith: The Last City and OrbusVR: Reborn are just two examples currently on the market, with a third likely to arrive later this month. Team 21 Studio has been working on VR MMORPG, Ilysia for the past few years, announcing this week plans for an early access launch in October.

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Zenith: The Last City to End Support for PSVR & Quest 1

Zenith: The Last City

The original PlayStation VR had an excellent run, considering it lasted over 6 years before being replaced by PSVR 2. The same can’t be said for the original Oculus Quest, with a successor arriving only 18 months later. Either way, Zenith: The Last City will end support for both headsets with the release of the 1.3 Skyward Summit patch.

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How to Sideload on Quest 2 With SideQuest

Best Meta Quest 2 Games

The Meta Quest 2 has a very good selection of titles on the official store, as well as its side App Lab service. But if you want to go deeper, accessing even more content then you’ll need to learn how to sideload. The best way of doing this is through SideQuest, a third-party solution that’s been the go-to since the early days of the Oculus (now Meta) Quest.

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The End is Nigh for Quest 1 as Meta Cuts Features 

Oculus Quest Headset Oculus Publishing

The year was 2019 and it was an exciting time for virtual reality (VR). Before covid ruined everything and Meta still went by the name Facebook, the company released Oculus Quest. This wireless, consumer headset would be the beginning of a new revolution in VR gaming, becoming more accessible to the masses. Alas, Quest 1’s life is drawing to a close with Meta revealing that a few changes are on the way. 

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