5 Essential Meta Quest 2 Accessories

The Meta Quest 2 headset is a great VR device right out of the box. For $299 USD you get a lot for your money, with it being the cheapest way to get into immersive gaming. But you know that already, as you’ve already bought one. What you may not know is that there are a bunch of accessories to enhance your experience. Here are the five essential Meta Quest 2 accessories XR Source thinks you should consider.

Meta Quest 2 Accessories

Since its arrival in 2020, the Quest 2 has been inundated with accessory options to cater for every gamer’s needs. Whether that’s robust grips for the controllers, great for those energetic games. Or various facial interfaces to make long gameplay sessions more comfortable. If you need it, somebody has probably thought of it.

Meta Quest 2 Accessories - BoboVR

Longer battery life

The Quest 2 already has a reasonable 2-hour battery life but sometimes that’s not enough. VR games are getting bigger than ever – which is a good thing – but that does mean a 2-hour battery doesn’t cut it. With a number of options on the market, you should look at the Bobovr M2 Plus Head Strap Twin Battery Combo for $93.99 on Amazon.

Firstly, you’re getting a far more rigid and comfortable head strap which makes longer sessions more pleasant. This comes supplied with two batteries and a charging docking station for both. Each battery pack is 5200mah, providing around 2-3 hours of additional use, conveniently attaching magnetically to the back of the head strap. This provides an additional bonus, counterweighting the Quest 2, and relieving pressure on your nose and face.

Meta Quest 2 Accessories - Kiwi Headstrap

Head strap comfort

If you’re not bothered about expanding the battery life of the Quest 2 – avoiding the extra weight on your head – then a bit more comfort is still good. Without breaking the bank, one of the most comfortable we’ve tried is the KIWI design Comfort Head Strap for $35.98 on Amazon.

The top strap is very well padded and so is the rear of the strap, which nicely cushions the back of your head. The back ratchet dial makes it easy to tighten the head strap to your head. Plus the hinges make it simple to put on or quickly tilt the Quest 2 up when required.

Meta Quest 2 Accessories - VR Cover Interface

Facial interface

Still on the subject of comfort, you’ll also want to look at facial interfaces. That’s the bit which goes between your face and the Quest 2. Meta does supply a reasonable foam option and a silicon cover that’s wipeable – great for those intense rhythm-action games. That silicon cover is supplied by a company called VR Cover, which does a whole range of accessories.

Our go-to choice is the VR Cover Facial Interface Bracket & Foam Replacement set for $29 on Amazon. This comes with a new interface bracket and two padded facial mounts, one slightly thicker than the other. Made of pleather, they are easy to remove and clean. Plus you also get a removable nose guard that can block out unwanted light and a Lens Protection Cover to ensure those valuable lenses don’t get accidentally scratched when not in use.

Meta Quest 2 Accessories - Kiwi Grips

Getting a grip

If there’s one aspect of the Meta Quest 2 design we’re not that fond of it’s the smooth controllers. Even with the wrist strap, fast and furious games can mean you’re clutching at them rather than comfortably holding them. So a controller grip is in order.

Whilst there are cheaper grips available, our choice is the KIWI design Upgraded Controller Grips Cover for $23.99 on Amazon. The rubberised grip is comfortable to hold and the strap over the back of your hand ensures it stays secure. The grip’s standout feature is the hinged battery cover. Unlike other designs, this means you don’t need to take the entire cover off to change the battery.

VirtuClear Prescription Lenses

VR prescription lenses

A lot of us nowadays where glasses and we all know the frustration VR presents. Whilst there are spacers to help accommodate different glasses they don’t always make for the most comfortable gameplay experience. That’s where a nice set of prescription lenses comes in.

VR prescription lenses aren’t too expensive with the VirtuClear range on Amazon starting from $79. These neatly clip around the main Quest lens, meaning you can have them permanently locked in place ready for your next gaming session. They’re also great protection for the headset lenses as they come with an anti-scratch coating.

Have you accessorised your Quest 2? Let us know which accessories you picked up. And don’t forget to check out our ‘How to’ guides, with suggestion on how to maximise Meta Quest features.