9 VR Games Shortlisted for the TIGA Games Industry Awards

PSVR 2 Trophies: Horizon Call of the Mountain

It’s becoming much more common to see game awards featuring VR/AR categories. Sometimes, XR finalists even make it into other categories as well. That’s the case with the upcoming TIGA Games Industry Awards, with nine VR games making the cut.

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The 7 Best Looking VR Games

Half-Life: Alyx - Steam Spring Sale

Due to the technical complexities of virtual reality, games don’t always look as amazing as their PC or console cousins. That’s not to say they can’t, it’s just that rendering for two eyes whilst maintaining a 90Hz refresh rate is hard on any system, so compromises have to be made. Even so, VR developers have made great strides in visual quality, and there are some truly stunning titles out there. So here is XR Source’s selection of the best-looking VR games out there.

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Why You Should be Excited for Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR 2 

Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR 2

With only a mere five days to go until PlayStation VR 2 makes it into consumers’ hands, XR Source has been looking over some of the most exciting titles to grace the new headset. And it would be wrong of us to exclude one of the biggest, easily termed a system seller. That is Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR 2 by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite. 

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