Why You Should be Excited for Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR 2 

With only a mere five days to go until PlayStation VR 2 makes it into consumers’ hands, XR Source has been looking over some of the most exciting titles to grace the new headset. And it would be wrong of us to exclude one of the biggest, easily termed a system seller. That is Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR 2 by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite. 

The first virtual reality (VR) videogame revealed for PSVR 2, Horizon Call of the Mountain is set in the same universe as Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) and Horizon Forbidden West (2022). Unlike the other flatscreen titles, the VR edition features its own unique storyline whilst utilising PSVR 2’s new hardware features to immerse players in this rich experience. 

Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR 2

A new Horizon awaits 

The previous instalments have revolved around series protagonist Aloy but this time players take on the role of Ryas. A disgraced former soldier, Ryas must atone for his crimes, joining an expedition to investigate a new mystery regarding the machines. Along the way you’ll encounter new characters bringing life to the world, as well as familiar faces like Aloy. 

If you’ve played either of the other two games, you’ll know the deep narrative Guerrilla Games and Firesprite have woven. And that seems to continue here, with gamers treated to a brand-new world, one tailored to VR. Where you can physically climb mountainous peaks, expertly hunt with your bow and encounter fantastical creatures up close and personal. 

The development team have also ensured that those new to VR can gently acclimatise to the experience. A scenic mode dubbed “River Ride” is available in addition to the main campaign, taking you on a nice guided tour of the landscape. 

Bow casting 

The Horizon games have always loved bows, but the weapon in VR take on a whole new meaning. There are tons of VR videogames with bow mechanics, so it is likely you’ve already tried one out. Horizon Call of the Mountain will really put those skills to the test, thanks to PSVR 2’s Sense Controllers.  

There’s no point and press a button to shoot here. Grab that bow with one hand and draw an arrow with the other. It’s a simple mechanic, yet it grounds you in the gameplay. Physically firing a bow means you plan every shot, accounting for range and power so the arrow doesn’t dip too early and miss the mark.  

Especially important when dealing with some of Horizon Call of the Mountains’ ferocious mechanical creatures. Hopefully, the game will include plenty of accessibility features, so that if you’re unable to physically complete the action, the Sense Controllers haptic triggers will do a suitable job. 

Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR 2

Get that PSVR 2 climbing gear ready 

The bow isn’t the only thing about Horizon Call of the Mountain that requires some shoulder work. Guerrilla Games and Firesprite have confirmed that while there will be a breathtaking world to explore, to see those gorgeous vistas you’ll need to get climbing.  

As you enjoy the Carja and Nora homelands through the eyes of Ryas, you’ll have to get climbing axes out and venture upwards. Assailing death defying cliff faces to escape or hunt foes roaming these wild lands.  

All this stuff doesn’t just grow on trees either. Gathering raw materials and crafting new equipment will all be part of the process. Backed up with lovely 4K HDR visuals, PSVR 2’s headset haptics and the Tempest 3D AudioTech to bring that soundscape to life. 

When and where? 

Horizon Call of the Mountain will be a launch day title for PSVR 2 – that’s next Wednesday 22nd February. 

Are you excited about Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR2? Or how about Behemoth or Dark Pictures: SwitchbackWhat about PlayStation VR 2 launch games? Let us know in the comments below.