Alien: Rogue Incursion Creator Survios: A History of VR Works

Alien: Rogue Incursion header

In the early years of VR’s revival one game that all Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR owners had to own was Raw Data. Developed by a small fledgling VR studio called Survios, it would be the jumping-off point for one of the most successful teams in VR. Survios is now developing Alien: Rogue Incursion, one of the biggest IPs to hit VR. So now is a good time to look back over the LA studios’ varied game history.

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The 7 Most Relaxing VR Games

Pillow image

We all live busy, stressful lives which makes the brief time we have to relax all the more important. Whether you’re watching a quick episode of your favourite TV show or casually wandering through the latest open-world adventure, we all have our own ways to unwind. VR can be a great facilitator of this, combining meditation practices with gaming. So for those needing a quick destress, here are some of the most relaxing VR games.

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VR Gaming on Flights Just Took Off

Meta Quest Flight

Any experienced traveller knows that preparing your in-flight entertainment can be as important as packing clothes. Sitting on a flight that’s 8+ hours long isn’t the most exciting prospect, and purely relying on the airline-supplied roster of films and TV shows is a gamble. So we all like to take our own tailored selection, be it a book, music or videogames. Meta has made that process even easier, providing VR gaming on flights thanks to a new update.

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Ghosts of Tabor Energises Players With GLYTCH

Ghosts of Tabor Key Art

Gamers have been using energy drinks for a while now to keep their focus up over long sessions. So it’s no surprise that gaming companies collaborate with some of the numerous drinks suppliers out there. The latest is Combat Waffle Studios’ Ghosts of Tabor, offering a new flavour in partnership with GLYTCH Energy. Oh, and the game is also available for PICO headsets.

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