MADiSON VR Launch Delays Continue

It was looking good for a while, after several delays MADiSON VR was due to launch tomorrow. But such is life that wasn’t meant to be, as Perp Games has announced that the atmospheric horror for PSVR 2 and Steam is delayed once more. This time, however, a new date has yet to be confirmed.

Issuing a statement today, Perp Games explained that it’s the PSVR 2 edition causing the problem. It comes down to a new Unity SDK allowing developer Bloodious Games to hit a 90hz refresh rate. Rather than using the planned 60/120 (interpolation) mode that a lot of PSVR 2 games use. As owners can attest, interpolation can cause issues such as blurry visuals, severely impeding a game like MADiSON VR.

Achieving the desired 90hz should make for a far smoother, higher-quality experience for PSVR 2 owners. This does not affect the Steam edition, but it seems Perp Games wants to launch both simultaneously.

MADiSON VR screenshot

MADiSON VR Launch Delays

Going into further detail the teams state:

Our ambition is to create a realistic and daunting atmosphere with MADiSON VR. And we achieved this through realistic real-time lighting and shadows.  These elements heavily utilise the CPU on all platforms.

To make this possible in VR, we use a technique called “Single-Pass Rendering” so that resource-heavy operations are only done once per frame. Unfortunately, our use of this previously precluded us from also using the eye-tracked dynamic foveated rendering (DFR) feature on PSVR 2, as the Unity PSVR 2 implementation had a known issue with this combination. Without DFR, it would have only been possible to release using the 60/120 (interpolation) mode, which worked adequately, however we always felt fell a little short of the quality we were striving for. As of 22nd March Unity’s new SDKnow opens up DFR and by extension the possibility to hit the 90hz mode. A last minute improvement we simply can’t ignore.”  

While it is certainly disappointing for horror fans – especially considering how often MADiSON VR has been pushed back – getting the launch right from day one is most important.

This isn’t the only VR horror game Perp is launching this year. In September Slender: The Arrival VR will be gracing PSVR 2 and PCVR headsets.

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