Dead Hook Confirmed for PSVR 2 & PCVR Release

Joy Way, the VR developer behind Stride and Against, has announced that its action roguelike Dead Hook is coming to more platforms. Dead Hook is set to arrive in February for PSVR 2, PCVR headsets on Steam and Pico devices.

Dead Hook originally arrived for Meta Quest headsets last summer. With a Doom-like vibe, Dead Hook is a non-stop battle through demon-filled rooms. Get as far as you can with the weaponry and bonuses you pick up on route. You’ll eventually die and return to your spacecraft where you can improve your stats ready for the next run.

Dead Hook img1

Dead Hook on PSVR 2 & Steam

As the name implies, one of the game’s core mechanics is its grappling hook system. This allows you to quickly traverse the environment, whether that’s escaping danger or looking for a tactical advantage against your next opponent. The game provides a mixture of close combat and ranged weaponry, with a pair of laser swords always in hand. Plus there’s an assortment of legendary weapons to find.

XR Source reviewed Dead Hook for Meta Quest 2, saying: “The gameplay action is intense and exhilarating and it’s easy to wonder why more VR games aren’t like this. On the other hand, with no narrative to drive you, you’ll start to notice Dead Hook’s basic gameplay facade.

Dead Hook is set for launch on 8th February for PSVR 2, Steam and Pico headsets. Check out the new gameplay trailer here.

Joy Way’s most recent release was Stride: Fates. A parkour-inspired action game, it’s a single-player campaign across the skyline of dystopian Airon City. VR fans may remember that it was originally supposed to be DLC for STRIDE.

Have you been looking forward to decimating the demonic hordes? Or are you currently wrestling with Bulletstorm VR? Let us know in the comments below.