Bulletstorm VR So Broken Devs Are ‘Triaging’ Severity of Each Issue

January isn’t often known as a big month for videogame releases. So when People Can Fly and Incuvo announced the launch date for Bulletstorm VR, that became a highlight of the month. Until the day of release actually arrived. Reviews have been mostly negative – some did say it was fun at points – pointing to a largely poor experience. And the teams have acknowledged how broken Bulletstorm VR is.

In a statement the day after the launch, People Can Fly and Incuvo said they “are committed to improving the quality of Bulletstorm VR.” It’s quite damning that within 24 hours the developers are having to say they “have been meticulously categorizing issues identified.” And that: “We are triaging their severity in order to plan upcoming game patches to help address these problems.”

Broken Bulletstorm VR

If you’ve not bought the game for Meta Quest, PSVR 2 or SteamVR headsets you may want to hold off. Player reviews have been highly critical, detailing a range of issues. These include poor visuals, constant crashes, botched physics and missing content. People lovingly remember the original Bulletstorm from 2011, and it seems the studios had to cut some of it out to make the VR edition work on all platforms.

Unfortunately, this does continue a small but growing trend in broken launches – especially on PSVR 2. Sony’s headset has suffered with the likes Firewall Ultra performing poorly from day one – Firewall Ultra dev First Contact Entertainment has now shut down, in fact.

While People Can Fly and Incuvo have said: “Within the next week we will be releasing our first patch to address many of the reported issues,” they may have already burnt most players’ desire to purchase the game. Many online have already said they’re seeking refunds.

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