Dead Hook Update Tears Enemies to Shreds

Dead Hook is the latest game from prolific VR developer Joy Way. An action roguelike where you fight waves of demonic enemies, the latest Dead Hook update makes the gameplay even more visceral. Literally called the ‘Tear Apart Update’, as you can tell from the name, its focus is on ripping your opponent’s limb from limb.

The game always provided a mixture of close combat and ranged weaponry, with a pair of laser swords always in hand. Now the update encourages more hand-to-hand combat, providing a far more grizzly end to those you meet face-to-face. Furthermore, Joy Way has also included a new melee combat tutorial to highlight the feature.

Dead Hook - img2

Update gold

That’s not all Joy Way has included in the Dead Hook update. Five new elite enemies have been added, each with their own abilities to test your skills. Then there are the two new weapons, the Overthrower and Exterminator.

  • Overthrower – Ancient Plasma Gun
    • Surges with energy as you grip the trigger, channeling power for a devastating shot that gains strength with every second held. Perfect for striking distant targets. Ready to recharge? Simply lower the weapon, and you’re back in the action.
  • Annihilator – Ancient SMG
    • Hold the trigger to unleash a lethal beam, the intensity growing the closer your target gets. Ideal for incinerating hordes of infernals, turning the tide of battle in your favor. To reload, simply lower the weapon, and you’re back in the fray, ready to dominate once more.

Check out this blog post for the full changelog of fixes and improvements.

XR Source reviewed Dead Hook for Meta Quest 2, saying: “The gameplay action is intense and exhilarating and it’s easy to wonder why more VR games aren’t like this. On the other hand, with no narrative to drive you, you’ll start to notice Dead Hook’s basic gameplay facade.

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