Breachers Aims for PSVR 2 November Launch

Breachers, the team-based tactical shooter from Triangle Factory hit Meta Quest and PCVR headsets back in April. The videogame has been well received by VR players and soon it’ll be the turn of PlayStation VR 2. Triangle Factory has now confirmed a November release for Breachers on PSVR 2.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the studio revealed that like most games ported to the headset, it’ll feature several improvements. The PSVR 2 version of Breachers features enhanced visuals, as well as adaptive trigger support. Plus players will have trophies to unlock. There were no details released regarding the use of PSVR 2’s eye tracking or headset haptics technology.

Breachers screenshot

Into the Breach!

Breachers is a 5v5 multiplayer shooter where one team start as defenders (Revolters) trying to protect a bomb site. The other team are the attackers (Enforcers), who want to disarm the bomb. Each team has specialist tools for the job, alongside the usual assortment of pistols, SMGs, shotguns and assault rifles. Plus attachments to fine-tune their handling.

Enforcers have an EMP to disarm the bomb, the ability to rappel down and blow up walls, drones, cloaking devices, flashbangs and breaching foam in their arsenal. Revolters defend their position with doorblockers, tripmines, static field emitters and proximity sensors.

Since its initial launch, Breachers has seen several updates. A new ship map has been added and more recently the ‘Skills & Skins’ update opened up The Armory. Here, as players level up and earn XP they can spend it on new skins.

Triangle Factory hasn’t given a specific date in November for the launch of Breachers on PSVR 2. You can wishlist the game on the PlayStation Store in preparation though.

Are you looking forward to Breachers on PSVR 2? Have you tried PSVR 2’s other tactical shooters Firewall Ultra and Crossfire: Sierra Squad? Let us know which you think will come out on top.

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