Breachers Busts Out on Meta Quest 2

A highly-anticipated VR exclusive, Breachers is now available for Meta Quest 2. Delivering an intense, 5v5 team-based tactical VR shooter game, Breachers is rewards teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking.

Breachers for Quest 2 has been developed by Triangle Factory, creators of team-based VR shooter Hyper-Dash. In the game, players form of two teams of five. Each team takes on the role of either attacker or defender. Requiring more strategy, tactical skill, and environmental interaction than its cousin Hyper-Dash, players in Breachers must work together to breach and secure the bomb site or defend against the incoming opposing team. 

The attacking team (Enforcers) must eliminate the enemy and disarm their bombs with an EMP. Players will rappel in and blow up walls. Swing through windows to catch your opponents off-guard, and use gadgets such as drones and flashbangs to take the advantage. The defenders (Revolters) are of course playing the opposit game. You must prevent the Enforcers from disarming your bomb by taking them out. Of course, this team have some tricks up their sleeves, too! Door blockers, tripmines and proximity sensors will help you defend your position.

Breachers Quest 2 screenshot

Breachers on Meta Quest 2

“Over 77,000 people have played the Breachers open alpha, and now we are beyond excited to finally bring Breachers to the Quest Store with much more content so more players and VR fans can experience it,” said Triangle Factory founder Timothy Vanherberghen. 

Following that open alpha, Triangle Factory has added a lot of new content to the game. Two new ‘bomb’ maps, Hideout and Skyscraper, are accompanied by an all new Team Deathmatch mode. This new mode does of course come with it’s own map, known as ‘Killhouse’.

Breachers is available to purchase now, priced at $29.99 USD/£22.99 GBP. Are you planning on purchasing the game? Did you play in the open alpha? Let us know in the comments below!