Max Mustard Revealed by Richie’s Plank Creators

Toast Interactive’s first virtual reality (VR), Richie’s Plank Experience is infamous amongst VR fans. It’s the game that many like to introduce VR newbies to. Now, the studio has revealed Max Mustard, a colourful and action-packed VR platformer.

In a similar vein to titles like Moss and Lucky’s Tale, in Max Mustard, you control the titular character Max. She’s a famous inventor embarking on an adventure to reunite adorable mudpups with their parents. Whilst controlling Max, you can also interact with the environment to help her on her journey.

Max Mustard screenshot

Max Mustard revealed

The team at Toast Interactive has been working on Max Mustard for three years. It features over 40 levels, four bosses and upgradable abilities for over 4 hours of gameplay.

“At Toast Interactive, we pride ourselves on being a no guns, no crunch, studio. Max Mustard has been born from strong values and is a family-friendly VR experience the whole family can enjoy,” said CEO, Kylee Kay. “After the success of Richie’s Plank Experience, Richard and Toni (the co-founders) really wanted to create a platforming game that sets a new high-quality bar for visuals, gameplay and excitement on all VR headsets.”

“We believe VR presents a small window of opportunity for a new platforming IP to stand the test of time like other classic platformers released on native platforms such as Super Mario for Nintendo, Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Mega Drive, or even Alex Kidd that came as an in-built game for Sega Master System if you can remember that far back,” Kay continued. “This is why we have committed so heavily to Max Mustard.”

Toast Interactive hasn’t confirmed which platforms the game supports or when the release window will be.

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