Medal of Honor on Meta Quest to End Multiplayer Support

Meta Quest has enjoyed the arrival of several major franchises like Resident Evil and Medal of Honor, for example. However, the latter game had a very rough start when it launched after much fanfare in 2020 for PSVR headsets. Now, in a “blink and you’d miss it” update Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on Meta Quest is losing multiplayer.

In an update on its Quest store page, EA’s Respawn Entertainment has simply written: “Multiplayer will be unavailable starting on December 1, 2023.” There’s no reason behind the message but it’s safe to say the game never quite recovered from the launch. As such, the multiplayer likely never drew in the number of concurrent players required to keep the service going.

Medal of Honor screenshot

Lacking its own Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond began life on Oculus Rift and SteamVR headsets before coming to Quest the following year. Respawn Entertainment spent three years on the project, with a full single-player campaign, the multiplayer and The Gallery. This featured videos and interviews with veterans, creating a huge 180GB file to install.

Unfortunately, the game was littered with issues and lacked polish. However, the multiplayer was the best part of the whole experience, if you ignored everything else. The Quest version was heavily slimmed down to just fit on the 64GB Quest, opening the game up to more players. This version received very mixed reviews from players.

Whilst the multiplayer is shuttering on Quest and Rift, there’s no mention yet on the Steam page.

The update coincides with another Quest game closing down, Echo VR. This multiplayer-only game was widely celebrated and beloved by fans, but Ready at Dawn decided to close it down on 1st August.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has also had to face much stiffer competition. The past few years have seen the likes of Onward, Contractors, Alvo, Pavlov Shack and more arrive for the Quest. Here’s our list of the best VR shooters.

Are you a Medal of Honor fan? Let us know your thoughts on the multiplayer closure.