Zero-G Multiplayer Echo VR to Shutter This August  

It is a sad day indeed as Ready at Dawn, the virtual reality (VR) studio behind the Lone Echo series will be shutting down Echo VR. A popular multiplayer for Meta Quest 2 that was a great introduction to VR, Echo VR will be playable until 1st August 2023.  

Owned by Meta, the pair have decided to end work on the videogame so that the studio can focus its efforts on other projects.  

“By no means was this decision made lightly,” said Ready at Dawn in a statement. “But it was made for many good reasons and chief among them is the studio coming together to focus on our next project. We can’t say anything about it yet, but we are all excited and need all hands on deck.” 

Echo VR

So, while it is great to hear there’s a new project underway, for many VR fans this won’t be welcome news. Echo VR is a free-to-play videogame, with high-quality graphics and excellent gameplay. Its core loop is a disc-based multiplayer in zero-g arenas. Players propel themselves through the weightless environment trying to score goals. As such, it can be a little intense for VR newbies but once past that, offered a hugely immersive experience.  

The final shutdown is on 1st August 2023 at 10:00 AM PST. Because of this, Ready at Dawn is gifting a load of unlockables. All you have to do is play one match of either Echo Combat or Arena. 

Loads of Freebies 

  • All Epic + Superb rarity chassis/booster/bracer sets from Echo Pass seasons 1–6 (Season 7 rewards to be released at a later date) 
  • All Chassis Variants 
  • All non-3D rewards from Echo Pass seasons 1–6 (Season 7 rewards to be released at a later date) 
  • All Echo Shop items – Including Starter Bundle 
  • All previous event rewards 
  • Some previously unreleased rewards 

The following rewards will NOT be included in the event 

  • VRML rewards 
  • LE2 Chassis 
  • Legendary rarity chassis/booster/bracer sets from the previous 7 seasons 
  • Leveling Track Rewards 

Leveling Track 

  • We will now be granting all leveling track items at lvl 1. Everyone gains access to these rewards without impacting matchmaking quality. 

Echo Shop 

  • We will place all legendary chassis/booster/bracer sets for sale on the Echo Shop at reduced prices until the game shuts down. 

It must also be noted that add-ons, including Echo Combat, Starter Bundle, and Echo Points are no longer available. 

Are you an Echo VR fan? Let us know in the comments below. Then take a look at these other free VR games for the Meta Quest platform.