The 7 Best VR Social Worlds

Rec Room screenshot 1

Once considered a socially isolating technology, virtual reality has proven that isn’t the case. From multiplayer shooters to tabletop board games, developers have found continually new and exciting ways of bringing people together. But where do you go if you don’t want to jump straight into a PvP gaming session? What if you’re looking for somewhere to hang out with friends, meet new people or get creative? That’s where these best VR social worlds come into play.

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Roblox Is Coming to Meta Quest: Is This a Blessing or a Curse?

Roblox Meta Quest

It has been a while in the making but the giant social gaming platform that is Roblox is coming to Meta Quest, finally. Roblox and Meta have announced that the launch will take place in the coming weeks. Initially as a beta on App Lab before an official Quest Store release further down the road. This could open up exciting possibilities for developers and immersive social experiences, yet the popular platform has had its share of troubles too.

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