Genotype Accidentally Launched on PSVR 2 This Weekend

Genotype keyart

You might think that videogames don’t just accidentally launch without the developers or someone knowing, right? Well, they do. Even well-oiled platforms like the PlayStation Store go awry from time to time – or someone hits that big red “publish” button (in our mind). And that’s exactly what happened this past weekend, with Bolverk Games’ Genotype launched on PSVR 2 earlier than planned.

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All the New VR Games Coming in February 2024 [Updated]

Vampire The Masquerade Screenshot3

Now that January is out of the way we can start looking forward to the next of the year. And that means, of course seeing what exciting VR games are on the horizon. There’s a tasty selection of titles set to arrive in the next few weeks, especially for PCVR players. So here are all the new VR games arriving in February.

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All the New VR Games Coming in October

The 7th Guest VR New VR Games October

With the nights getting longer and the weather getting cooler, the onset of Autumn means an abundance of new videogames. So far October 2023 isn’t going to disappoint VR fans with over 20 titles confirmed so far, for PlayStation VR 2, Quest 2 and 3, and PCVR headsets. So let’s dive in and see all the new VR games set to arrive this October.

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