Genotype is Coming to PSVR 2, Huge Combat Update Incoming

Bolverk Games launched its sci-fi shooter Genotype back in October for Meta Quest headsets. Well received by players only a month later the studio discounted the game for no apparent reason. This week, Bolverk has announced a ‘re-launch’ of Genotype, dropping a huge update next month whilst confirming PSVR 2.

So let’s start with the update. It’s called ‘The Combat Update’, as you can guess this is all about refining the action. Among the list of additions, the update will include overhauled weapon upgrades, more level upgrades, new challenges and environment improvements.

“We’ve gone all in on this update! It’s something of a re-release for Genotype, and the combat update is something reviewers and players have been asking for in various ways,” says CEO Bo Bennekov in a statement. All of these will arrive for Meta Quest on 8th February 2024.

Genotype PSVR 2 support

Before this announcement, Bolverk Games had confirmed a Steam edition was on its way in Q1 this year. So this February update could very well include the PCVR launch. Furthermore, Genotype is now definitely set to arrive on PSVR 2, Pico, and (rather unusually) Oculus Rift with Quest cross-buy support. However, the wording is rather ambiguous as to whether all these platforms will gain support next month or not.

Even so, it’s great to know Genotype is heading to all these platforms in the near future.

In Genotype you step into the shoes of Evely, an intern at an Antarctic weather station. Stumbling across a research station overrun by monstrous creatures, you’re able to print living organisms to use as weapons. You can then upgrade your creatures’ DNA to enhance their capabilities, using them as tools to clear paths and more.

Have you tried Genotype yet? Looking forward to the new enhancements? Let us know in the comments below!