Genotype Release Date & Price Announced

Following a successful beta test early this year, the release date and price for Bolverk games’ Genotype has been announced. Explore an Antarctic research base overrun by monstrous beasts, wielding high-tech gloves that print living organisms you can use as weapons and survival tools. A little gruesome, then.

In Genotype, you play as Evely, an intern at an Antarctic weather station. During a routine expedition, Evely falls through the ice into the mysterious Snowdrop Initiative laboratories. Luckily, the facility’s last human survivor, William, can guide her to save herself. Here’s been here for quite a while, and so the player has to trust him in his radio comms. A little BioShock inspiration never hurt anyone.

To survive, players must use the GRAID gloves to print creatures. As you explore the facility, you will find ways to print new creatures, and to modify and upgrade the ones you have access to. It all sounds a little The Callisto Protocol, but with actual living weapons! Players will have to adapt, and use the creatures they print to battle hostile monsters, reach otherwise inaccessible places, and clear the way to venture deeper into the Snowdrop facility.

Genotype screenshot

Genotype Release Date & Price

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, developer Bolverk Games has been creating VR titles for some time. Previous releases include Voice Attorney, Glyph, and the popular Dick Wilde series. However, there’s also Kittypocalypse. So, you know. Can’t win them all.

Genotype has a release date set for the Meta Quest Store in October 2023. However, no specific date is currently available. The game will be priced at $34.99 USD, and is available to pre-order now. It’s compatible with Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. Odds are it’ll also be compatible with Meta Quest 3, though that’s currently not confirmed.

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