Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest Pro: Spec Comparison

Best VR Deals Meta Quest Pro

When Meta launched its Quest Pro mixed reality headset in 2022 it didn’t exactly set the world alight. Not like the Apple Vision Pro did when the Cupertino tech company unveiled its first immersive device during WWDC 2023. But how do these two juggernauts compare, considering details like the Apple Vision Pro price difference and Quest Pro’s gaming library? There are many variables so let’s start with a Vision Pro vs Quest Pro spec comparison.

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Apple Vision Pro: Specs, Release Date & Price

Apple Vision Pro with battery-FaceTime

Most of Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote was the same old mediocre updates. Expensive new Macs, iOS enhancements – Stand by anyone! – and Apple Watch trying to make us all fitter. But, when CEO Tim Cook said there was “one more thing” we all knew what it was, Apple’s long-awaited mixed reality headset. In one bite-sized morsel, here are the Apple Vision Pro price, specs and release details.

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Apple Vision Pro Isn’t Your Next VR Gaming Device

Apple Vision Pro - glass

The Apple Vision Pro has finally been unveiled, taking the XR world by storm! In typical Apple style, the presentation during the WWDC 2023 keynote was slick and stylish and left us wanting to know more about the device. A definite head-turner thanks to its feature set and design, there was one clear omission from the announcement; immersive gaming.

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Meta Sticks Two Fingers up to Apple with Quest 3 Announcement

Meta Quest 3 Announcement Trailer

Well, well, well, who saw that coming? Meta has taken the reports that Apple will be unveiling its new headset seriously and pipped them to the post. Yesterday, as if you couldn’t miss it, the Meta Quest 3 announcement dropped almost out of the blue. Ahead of the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase Mark Zuckerberg released the first official details. These include specification confirmations and a price, whilst noting that Quest 3 will be “Our most powerful headset yet”.

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Why You Shouldn’t be Excited for Apple’s VR Headset

Apples VR Headset - WWDC

As WWDC approaches, Apple’s flagship event for developers, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive. Not for the latest minute iPhone upgrade or a bafflingly similar Apple Watch, nope it’s all about virtual reality. Or more precisely XR, because Apple’s long-rumoured headset will supposedly offer VR and mixed reality applications. The secretive company has publically stayed away from the technology for years but that could be coming to an end in June. However, for most of us, here’s why you shouldn’t be excited about Apple’s VR headset.

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Apple XR Device Reveal Expected Soon

Apple XR device concept render

A new rumour has surfaced regarding Apple and it’s widely touted XR device. The unknown unit has been shrouded in secrecy for many years, but it’s not been the best kept secret. The XR community knows that Apple is working on something, but it’s not known exactly what. That looks likely to change this summer with a rumoured Spring 2023 reveal for Apple’s XR device.

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