Apple XR Device Reveal Expected Soon

A new rumour has surfaced regarding Apple and it’s widely touted XR device. The unknown unit has been shrouded in secrecy for many years, but it’s not been the best kept secret. The XR community knows that Apple is working on something, but it’s not known exactly what. That looks likely to change this summer with a rumoured Spring 2023 reveal for Apple’s XR device.

The Apple XR device has reportedly been in development for a number of years. While no one outside of the company can be certain how long, indicators such as job listings and hires of prominent people from the XR industry have been regular talking points. The company itself has suggested that it is more interested in AR than VR, but exactly what form its first XR device will take is only in the realm of rumour.

Concept artist Ian Zelbo also created some renders of a possible headset design, based on various leaks, as can be seen on this page. 

Apple XR device concept render

Apple XR Device Reveal

The latest rumour arrives courtesy of Bloomberg UK. In an article published this week, the site states that the current plan for the Apple XR device is to reveal it before the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. It would then go on sale in autumn 2023, with the suggested name of ‘Reality Pro’.

According to the site, Apple has already shared the hardware with a small number of high-profile software developers. These studios are testing the Apple XR device and producing third-party apps. The device’s operating system, dubbed “Borealis” inside the company, will be publicly named xrOS.

Apple AR Updates

In addition to new hardware, Apple is also working on breaking new ground for smartphone-based AR, according to the article. Apple is working on an updated version of the Apple Store app for the iPhone, adding AR capabilities. This would allow customers to point their iPhone toward a product — like an Apple Watch, for example — and a graphic overlay on-screen would provide more information.

Apple has reportedly been working on the service since prior to iOS 14’s launch in 2020, and has been testing it at stores in recent months. The feature would accompany an API for developers so that other retail outlets could take advantage of it as well.

What are you expecting from Apple’s XR device? Are you confident they can deliver an AR experience that’s ahead of the curve? Let us know in the comments below!