Arizona Sunshine 2 on Quest 2 Still Looks Impressive

PSVR 2 PlayStation Showcase Arizona Sunshine 2

Vertigo Games has been ramping up its marketing efforts for Arizona Sunshine 2 ahead of its 7th December launch. As part of that campaign, the studio has released a selection of gameplay trailers and new details. The latest specifically focuses on the Meta Quest 2. And from what we’ve seen, Arizona Sunshine 2 on Quest 2 looks alright.

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VR is the Leader in Gaming Innovation

Half-Life: Alyx - Steam Spring Sale

Modern gaming offers ever more expansive, beautifully constructed worlds that you can spend hundreds of hours in. But with so many titles arriving, jostling for players’ valuable time, sticking to popular mechanics rather than coming up with something new is more common than not. That’s especially so when considering the raft of sequels and year releases some franchises suffer from. Which is why I consider VR to have such an important role within the gaming sphere. Because VR is the only one truly leading gaming innovation.

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The 7 Best VR Roomscale Games

Eye of the Temple image

Whenever you set up a VR headset you have to create a play space. That’s so you know where real objects like walls are so you don’t suddenly smack them. And most VR games use this area in some way. From giving you enough space to swing your arms to sidestepping a projectile. But how many actually maximise your allotted play area, or go one step further and make it seem much bigger than it is? That’s where these best VR roomscale games come in.

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X8 Meta Quest Now Available, PSVR 2 ‘Coming Soon’

X8 keyart

Thirdverse has recently launched X8 as a free-to-play title on the Meta Quest Store. Compatible with Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2, this 5v5 VR hero shooter lets you play as a variety of heroes, each with their own interactive abilities and unique items. With the success of X8 ever-growing, Thirdverse are now looking to their next milestone: launching X8 on PSVR 2.

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The Inevitable Rise of the VR Pre-order

The Quest Gaming Showcase - Asgard's Wrath 2 - screenshot1

The ability to pre-order videogames has seemingly been around forever. The idea is that developers and publishers offer a tantalising cherry – a small discount or exclusive in-game merch, for example – to attract gamers while getting guaranteed sales before launch. We’ve all done it, my most recent being The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, while the standard videogame industry takes pre-orders to ever more ludicrous highs, VR is only just getting on the pre-order bandwagon.

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Job Simulator Studio Owlchemy Labs Celebrates Platinum Milestone

Vacation Simulator Hero Art

Google-owner Owlchemy Labs has earned itself legendary status within the VR industry. The studio is behind the hugely popular Job Simulator as well as Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, Vacation Simulator, and Cosmonious High. This month, Owlchemy Labs celebrates a major milestone, with Vacation Simulator selling over 1 million copies.

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