Fantasy action-adventure Mixture Grabs Hold of PSVR 2 & PCVR Today

There are a lot of exciting new VR games coming in April. The latest to arrive is Mixture by Played With Fire. Originally released for Meta Quest a couple of months ago, it’s now the turn of PSVR 2 and PCVR to enjoy Mixture’s solo adventure.

Mixture screenshot

Getting in the Mix

Mixture is a single-player adventure where you control two characters. As exiled knight Steel Moth Sola, players must traverse dangerous worlds of living metals, ores and crystals to find means of redemption. However, to achieve this Sola strikes a pact with the power-hungry Master Alchemist Sephairos, who can twist the properties of elemental matter.

Sephairos is played from a first-person perspective whilst Sola is entirely third-person. As the Alchemist players will mix materials, cast spells and solve puzzles with the Knight performing all the platforming and combat.

Mixture Key Features

  • Play as 2 characters at the same time – use unique skill sets of Alchemist and Knight!
  • Craft alchemic powerful mixtures in VR – quickly and intuitively!
  • Use a unique mix and slash combat – get excited about the VR mixture flinging action and enjoy the stylish TPP melee combos and finishers.
  • Immerse yourself in the grim, raw and malleable Rock, Gem and Metal world.
  • Travel to 5 unique biomes full of challenges, combat and secrets culminating in epic confrontations with giant Bosses.
  • Experience a heart gripping story with morally ambiguous characters.
  • Delight in resonating, upbeat and oozing original music by Thomas Regin.

Mixture Platforms

Today sees the launch of Mixture for PSVR 2 and PCVR headsets via Steam. Or you can also enjoy its action platforming on Meta Quest.

Have you been looking forward to Mixture arriving for PSVR 2 or PCVR? Let us know your impressions in the comments below.