Hack ‘n’ Slash “Mixture” Hits Quest 2 in February

Next week, XR-focused publisher Beyond Frames Entertainment and Polish developer Played With Fire will release Mixture. An action-adventure title, Mixture hits Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

Mixture takes a slightly different take on the usual hack-and-slash mechanic by adopting what the studio calls a “self co-op” method. You control two protagonists simultaneously, Steel Moth Knight “Sola” and master alchemist “Sephairos”.

Mixture Quest 2 image1

You embody Sephairos from a first-person perspective, whilst controlling Sola in a third-person view. Sola does all the classic fighting, defeating enemies in their way. As Sephairos, you need to aid Sola by mixing potions and providing tactile support.

It’s not all action though. Whilst controlling this odd couple you’ll have to solve intricate puzzles and think on your feet to get past numerous bosses.

Solo-Co-op Gameplay

  • Mix and Slash fighting – action-adventure gameplay in collaboration between the two protagonists
  • Dual character control gameplay – control both the Alchemist Sephairos and the Steel Moth Knight Sola 
  • Explore the Wastelands – journey through dangerous barren lands of living metals, ores and crystals to find means of redemption
  • Fight for the light – Oversized bosses to defeat on your path of redemption
  • Hours of exploration – Four unique biomes and more than 30 levels
  • An action adventure for standalone VR – Hybrid third-person camera exploration and fixed camera movement for hours of comfortable exploration in the Wastelands.

Mixture will be available in the Meta Quest store from 23rd February 2023. It’ll retail for $24.99 USD. Check out the new gameplay video below.

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