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Oculus Ignition is Meta’s New Funding Initiative for Gaming Startups

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The last year or so has been very rough on those working in videogames. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, with a huge talent pool looking for work. Setting up an early startup/indie studio is another avenue some have gone down. And it’s this contingent Meta is looking to tap into with its latest funding initiative, Oculus Ignition.

Announced during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this past week, the programme is part of Oculus Publishing. A prototype funding initiative, Oculus Ignition is looking for eligible teams to make games for Meta Quest 3. “For Ignition we are primarily focused on the development and exploration of game concepts that target the midcore player – more mainstream than niche, and broad in scope with compelling Meta Quest 3 interaction mechanics,” a blog post explains.

“We’re looking for mixed reality concepts just as much as conventional VR, and have enhanced interest in simulation games, active sports, and accessible social titles.” If you’re working on a racing or flying game, a new body pump experience or some family-friendly competition, for example, the initiative might be worth a look.

However, Oculus Publishing is looking for original concepts only. If you’re working on a licensed game you’re ineligible for funding.

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The types of games Oculus Ignition is after might be quite broad but its studio criteria are far more focused. For starters, your studio needs “Veteran team member backgrounds with strong pedigree of shipped titles.” So no fly-by-night startups here. Furthermore, the team needs to be “recently established and incorporated”, founded in April 2023 or later.

Applications are open now until 1st September 2024. But you better be quick, as there’s only a certain amount of funding available. So once it has gone it’s gone. Meta hasn’t stated how much money the fund will have to spend.

Successful developers will not only receive funding. They’ll also get three Meta Quest 3 dev kits, game concept review and consultation by Oculus Publishing, and retention of their IP. Additionally, there’s potential for additional funding on a fully-scoped game.

Are you in a position to make use of Oculus Ignition? Think it’s a good idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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