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The 7 Best Mixed Reality Games for Meta Quest 3

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So you just bought the new, all-powerful Meta Quest 3. The Quest Store has a huge amount of compatible videogames and apps available but really, you want to test Quest 3’s capabilities. And that means unlocking its mixed reality (MR) potential. But which titles support the full-colour passthrough and which are even worth playing? So here are the best mixed reality games currently available for Quest 3.

Best Mixed Reality Games

When we talk about mixed reality gaming what do we mean, exactly? Well, it’s the ability to anchor a digital object in the real world that you can interact with. Similarly, the headset and the software also know what objects are in the nearby vicinity so that the real world and digital world are blurred into one. Some games and apps do this better than others.

We also want to point out that we’re solely focusing on mixed reality titles here. There are some great games like Red Matter 2 and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners which utilise Quest 3’s improved processor, displays and lenses to excellent effect.


Puzzle game Cubism has always been a firm favourite here at XR Source, and for good reason – it’s in our best VR puzzle games list. Its simple yet intuitive mechanics mean anyone can pick up and feel at home with the gameplay. Yet there’s a high enough difficulty to properly tax die-hard puzzle fans.

And now you can play it in mixed reality with hand tracking! Maximising all of Quest’s feature sets. Sit down, get comfortable and place a puzzle on a desk or table and away you go. The same brilliant mechanics are there, just now you can see the world around you.

Lego Bricktales

One of the very latest titles to arrive for the Quest platform is ClockStone STUDIO’s Lego Bricktales. Combining puzzle mechanics with the art of Lego building, little dioramas come to life before your eyes. You can journey across five beautiful brick-themed biomes which can be placed in the middle of your living to examine and explore.

Players have access to a brick-by-brick building mechanic to solve various puzzles. Each location offers a variety of construction spots with challenges. 

Drop Dead: The Cabin – Home Invasion

Looking for some exciting mixed reality action? Then take a look at Drop Dead: The Cabin. Developer Soul Assembly’s Home Invasion update for the zombie shooter added mixed reality capabilities. So rather than the zombies stumbling through a virtual world, they now crash into your home!

The game places virtual boards over your windows and doors which the zombies then burst through. They’ll also start smashing down walls as the waves intensify.

Espire 2: Stealth Operatives

Another action-packed mixed reality experience comes from Espire 2: Stealth Operatives. Digital Lode created specific missions to utilise the feature that grows and adapts to the player’s personal playspace.

Missions are deliberately focused, optimised to make use of all environments ranging from small areas to multiple rooms. Players take on the role of Tempest, an agent who must pass a series of mixed-reality missions to earn the right to pilot an Espire Frame.

Demeo Battles

Resolution Games’ original Demeo was – and still is – a great tabletop gaming experience. Demeo Battles is the brand-new sequel, taking the team-based gameplay and pitting players against one another. 1-4 players are going head-to-head in either 1v1 or 2v2 battles across ten new maps. And, of course, these maps can be placed in your real world just like a tabletop boardgame!


Mixed reality has lots of gaming potential, another area being fitness. You may have already playing the body contorting OhShape, where you have to match the shapes coming at you as well as punching walls. As weird as you may look doing this in VR, at least now you can see your friends and family recording you as you unnaturally angle your arms and legs.

Synth Riders

Finally, we have a rhythm-action classic, Synth Riders. A great VR game in and of itself, with the new mixed reality component you can enjoy the same energetic gameplay blasting straight out of your walls.

A portal opens up and you get the same regular selection of Synth Riders balls, blocks and other paraphernalia flying at you. Comprising synthwave, EDM, electro-swing, pop, rock, funk, ska, k-pop, and punk songs, players now have 125 tracks to choose from. 68 of which are included with the base game and 57 are add-ons.

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