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5 Essential Meta Quest 3 Accessories

Meta Quest 3 Accessories

After months and months of teases, the Meta Quest 3 has finally arrived. And it’s fair to say that the industry and consumer response has been positive. However, as good as the headset is out of the box, owning a Quest has always meant accessorising. Whether that’s a new strap, faceplate, external battery and more. The latest incarnation is no different, so here are some essential Meta Quest 3 accessories you might want to consider.

Are Quest 2 accessories compatible with Quest 3?

There are going to be many Quest 2 owners looking to upgrade to Quest 3. Wanting to make use of the extra processing power and fancy new mixed reality features. But what about all those accessories previously purchased? Unfortunately, Quest 2 accessories like the Elite Headstrap or the facial interfaces aren’t compatible with Quest 3. They’re simply the wrong shape.

So that does mean buying all new accessories for Quest 3.

Meta Quest 3 – Elite Strap with Battery


The Quest 3 is supplied with a soft strap that’s alright to get you going. However, these types of straps aren’t great for longer gameplay sessions. They become uncomfortable because they can’t distribute weight evenly or support your head as nicely. This means the head strap tends to be the first accessory people upgrade.

Currently, options are limited to Meta’s first-party offerings or several random third-party choices on Amazon. Some of the bigger accessory makers in the space, such as Kiwi Design and Bobo VR have yet to release their designs.

Considering the Quest 3’s 2-hour battery life, you may also want to consider a strap with a built-in battery. Meta’s own option should provide around 2 extra hours of use between charges.

Carrying Case

So you’ve spent $500 on a brand-new VR headset. Are you going to leave it lying around the house where it could get knocked? Of course not, you’ll want to protect it. That means a case, preferably a hard case. There’s the official Meta one coming in at a substantial $70 or Amazon does have a few thrid-part offerings. With the Quest 3 being smaller than Quest 2, you could always use your old case if you have one.

Facial Interface

Just like the head strap, the facial interface is an important component for comfort. Especially if you enjoy energetic games like Beat Saber or Synth Riders. The supplied Blue or Orange interface does a very good job – much better than previous headsets. It is still fabric, so if you tend to get a bit sweaty in VR then a silicone or washable cover might be a useful purchase.


Nobody plugs things in nowadays, charging is all done via docks and wireless charging stations. The Quest 3 has several exposed pins on the bottom for charging the headset. Currently, there’s only the official Meta option, but give it a year and there will likely be a few alternatives on the market.

Controller Straps & Grips

The basic strap ensures you don’t throw your new Touch Plus controllers around your room but for those high-energy sessions, more support and protection might be required. Meta has its own Active Straps to help with this. Or how about adding some armour to you’re entire setup?

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