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Anarchitects Steps Onto Meta Quest App Lab in April

Anarchitects KeyArt

Last month, No More Rainbows developer Squido Studio revealed Anarchitects, a mixed reality sandbox for Meta Quest. Soon the game will see an early access release, coming to Quest’s App Lab in April.

Providing both mixed reality and virtual reality gaming for Quest, Anarchitects is all about creativity. It is set to offer a blend of social interaction and creative freedom. Enabling players to design and play their own mini-games, as well as hanging out with friends. Most importantly, all without the need for any coding or scripting. Making it easy for anyone to pick up and start crafting.

“Building and playing occur simultaneously,” the team notes. “Thanks to the innovative interaction between players and entities known as Celestials, ensuring a seamless and boundaryless experience. With virtually no loading screens, transitions between game modes and continued building happen instantly, keeping the fun among friends uninterrupted.”

Become your own Anarchitects

Inspired by platforms like Rec Room and Roblox, Anarchitects incorporates physics-based mechanics and character customization. Whilst you can build from scratch, you can also edit and republish any map or game mode – including those from Squido Studio itself. “The emphasis on user-generated content promises a constantly changing world, ripe with creativity and fresh experiences through a community driven system,” the studio adds.

Anarchitects will be available for Meta Quest on App Lab from 23rd April. Providing an initial sneak peek at what’s to come. Monthly seasonal updates will introduce an array of new objects and activities. Furthermore, players will have the option to enhance their experience by purchasing cosmetics, objects, and decorations.

In addition to the launch date announcement you can take a look at the new reveal trailer. Unfortunately, there’s no gameplay footage.

Like the idea of Anarchitects? Will you be diving in on launch day? Let us know your impressions in the comments below.

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