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Unleash the Beast as No More Rainbows Arrives Very Soon

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In April, indie developer Squido Studio announced that its game No More Rainbows was almost ready for an official release. Currently found on App Lab and SideQuest for Meta Quest – downloaded over 300,000 times – No More Rainbows Quest 2 and Steam launch happens very soon.

Next week, in fact, arriving on both platforms on 1st June. That’s quite the feat considering so few App Lab games manage to make the leap onto the official Quest Store. Described as an ‘adventure platformer’ in No More Rainbows you play the evil monster. You are the ‘Beast’ a creature awakened by adorable folk who live in a colourful land. This displeases you, therefore you run amok, destroying all the happiness around you.

No More Rainbows for anybody

“Bizou and their merry band of minions plan to take over your sanctuary of screams and turn it into a bountiful paradise where cries of pain and torment are replaced by kisses and rainbows… what a nightmare!” explains the synopsis. “Use arm-based locomotion mechanics to run, jump, claw, and climb using only your hands and arms to engage with tight platformer mechanics.”

That means the game is quite the physical workout, as you clamber across the environment with your hands. Then there are the times your hand will be full, flinging the poor little townsfolk to their doom. Set across four worlds comprising 28 levels in total, No More Rainbows also offers plenty of ways to customise your Beast.

In addition to the single-player campaign, No More Rainbows features a multiplayer component. Go head-to-head in a 3v3 mode with 12 arenas. For YouTube and TikTok creators, Squido Studio has opened up applications to its Creators of the Underworld program. Not only will it connect creators to the developers, but they’ll also receive special rewards like private Discord access and merch for posting No More Rainbows content.

No More Rainbows arrives for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets on 1st June 2023. Does the thought of running a rampage through a cartoon world interest you? Let us know in the comments below.

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