Underdogs Roadmap Outlines a Possible Multiplayer Mode

Back in January, One Hamza – the team behind Racket Nx– released Underdogs, an underground mech brawler. The studio has big plans for the single-player title, one idea being to add multiplayer functionality. However, before that there’s an extensive roadmap for Underdogs ahead.

Underdogs is a mech-based adventure for Meta Quest and SteamVR headsets. Strapped inside a mechanical killing machine, your job is to dominate the underground fight scene. That means ripping apart enemy bots and mechs utilising an assortment of upgrades. This is a roguelike game, so there are hundreds of items and power tools to customise your rig as you see fit.


The Underdogs roadmap

One Hamsa has spilt its roadmap into five key updates. These cover a range of additions such as a sandbox mode, new weapons, new enemies and much more. A timeline has yet to be specified but the first update will be ‘Sandboxxer’.


  • Sandbox Mode – a large kit of UNDERDOGS building blocks to play around with – test builds, enemies and props, save and load scenarios and share them with your brattas and sistas!
  • Big Balance – new events and enemy balancing.

Corruption – Customise your runs

  • Corruptions – take on extra challenges and customize how you start your run.
  • Content Boost – enemy variants, new items and more!

Aggressor – Arsenal Refresh

  • New Weapons – did someone say chainsaw?
  • New Enemies – beastiary is gonna get thicker!
  • New Events – new a$$#$%es, opportunities, risks and stories to explore. ‎

Challenger – New Challenges

  • Survive and compete over a changing set of challenges in a new game mode. Leaderboards with big names, cosmetics for your mech, and rewards.

The Alternative Path – A new narrative

  • A huge content update. The Alternative Path brings a new twist in the story, with new enemies, new weapons, new status effects and a new arena.

As for the multiplayer we previously mentioned, the studio has teased the potential for one. Under the title of ‘Rampage In New Brakka’ One Hamza notes that: “We have ideas, we have a basic plan, but it’s too far off to be making promises.”

Are you a fan of the game? What do you think of the Underdogs roadmap? Let us know in the comments.