HappyFunland Welcomes VR Horror Fans on PSVR 2 & PC This Month

Last year Spectral Illusions and Perp Games revealed their comedic horror game HappyFunland. Initially expected to arrive that same year, like many VR titles the launch was pushed into 2024. Now the arrival of HappyFunland for PSVR 2 and PCVR headsets is almost upon us! As it’s set to launch next week!

The game is all about exploring the abandoned remains Mort Grisly’s HappyFunland theme park. Filled with puzzles and dark secrets, there are plenty of frights in-store too.

Following similar setups to games like Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2, this is a job for those with a strong stomach and backbone. “You had never heard of Happyfunland theme park, or it’s tragic tale, when you agreed to meet a total stranger, named Larry, in the middle of a South Florida swamp,” the synopsis explains. “Perhaps if you would have known about the grisly events that happened there, you wouldn’t have agreed to the job!”

HappyFunLand screenshot

Happy Happy fun time…

Described as: “a high speed turbulent insane VR thrill ride that may cause motion sickness in certain users,” you’ll be able to enjoy its selection of rides. From piratey boat ride “Marauders of the Tropic Isles’ and spookhouse attraction “Grisly Manor” to “Feral Squirrel’s Nutty Excursion”, there’s plenty on offer.

As you wander the park you’ll also encounter offer attractions and puzzles to solve. Oh, and let’s not forget about all the enemy automaton robots wandering the streets. You’ll have to defend yourself from them as well.

HappyFunland will arrive digitally for PSVR 2 and PCVR headsets on Steam on 22nd March 2024. A physical disc edition will be available directly from the Perp Games Store.

Is this now on your purchase list for this month? Or how about these other new VR games that arrived this March? Let us know in the comments.