HappyFunLand Brings Horror Adventure to PSVR 2

A new horror adventure game, HappyFunLand, has been announced for PSVR 2. The game was previously revealed for PC VR and Meta Quest headsets, but now PlayStation 5 gamers will also be able to get into the action. HappyFunLand is set to launch later this year.

The game tells an all-too-familiar tale of unsuspecting horror. You had never heard of HappyFunland theme park, or it’s tragic tale, when you agreed to meet a total stranger, named Larry, in the middle of a South Florida swamp. Perhaps if you would have known about the grisly events that happened there, you wouldn’t have agreed to the job.

Players will explore the abandoned remains and uncover the dark secrets of Mort Grisly’s HappyFunland theme park, Home of Randy Rodent.

HappyFunLand screenshot

HappyFunLand Gameplay

HappyFunland looks set to incorporate elements of the popular Until Dawn: Rush of Blood into a horror adventure game. Players will ride rides such as the pirate boat ride “Marauders of the Tropic Isles”, and the “Grisly Manor” spookhouse attraction. You can get nuttier than squirrel droppings on “Feral Squirrel’s Nutty Excursion” dark ride. Or experience happiness overboard on “It’s a Happy Little Grisly World”.

All the while, you’ll have to solve puzzles and defend yourself against enemy automaton robots. HappyFunLand promises a scarily good time.

No release date has yet been announced for HappyFunLand. Indeed, it’s not yet known whether the PC VR and PSVR 2 versions will launch simultaneously. Both editions are simply labelled as ‘coming soon’.

Still, no harm in building some hype, eh? And that’s exactly what Perp Games are hoping to do. The game is being developed by Spectral Illusions, who have previously found success with Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin’ Gallery and Astral Domine. The latter of which is currently on sale for just £0.35 GBP!

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