Gambit! 4-player Co-op Hits Quest 2 in April

At the beginning of the year, XR Source looked ahead at some of the most exciting VR games coming to Meta Quest 2 this year. One of those was XREAL Games’ Gambit!, a 4-player co-op filled with mayhem. Today, Gambit! has appeared on the Quest Store with a release date of the 6th April 2023.

Originally due for release in early December 2022, the team decided to push the release back because the PC VR version wasn’t up to the standards they wanted. Gambit! is a cross-play VR title, so XREAL Games needs it to play equally well across both PC and Quest 2.

Gambit! 4-player co-op screenshot

Those standards have now been met, seemingly, as a Quest Store launch date would indicate a PC VR one too. But no launch date has appeared on Steam just yet. Even so, XREAL Games had given a Q1 2023 launch, so they’re not too far off.

Gambit! 4-player Co-op Cross-play

While the big selling point is its four-player co-op, Gambit! isn’t some arena brawler. In fact, it is a big action-oriented campaign of robbing and violence stretched over 9 levels in 3 chapters. Playable solo as well as co-op, you can choose from one of four characters, Cody, Frank, Kevin, or Udo. Then gear up with traditional weapons – or the more unusual dev creations – and head on out.  

Like some futuristic, dystopian game shows winning means as much carnage as possible. Gambit! features “attachments, skins, masks, deathmatch, tournament ladders, minigames, leaderboards, climbing, graffiti, hidden rewards, the GNOP, and boss fights,” the devs state.

Additionally, because the team moved the release date the game will have extra content, zombies to be precise. Some zombie-based DLC had been planned for after launch but now it’ll be included in the main release!

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