The 10 PSVR 2 Games You Should Own

The first PSVR 2 anniversary has now been and gone. Sony celebrated with a few game announcements as well as confirming work on PSVR 2 PC support. The headset marked a new era for PlayStation, utilising the power of PS5 to deliver some incredible games over the past 12 months. Whether you’re new to the platform or bought it on day one, here are the PSVR 2 games we think every owner should have in their library.

Awesome PSVR 2 Games

PSVR 2 features some of the best VR technology around. 4K displays paired with eye tracking and foveated rendering for a premium visual experience. Then there are the in-built headset haptics, the innovative Sense controllers and the simple, one-cable setup.

Naturally, all of that hardware is meaningless without some quality games to play. And PSVR 2 has a few. So keep reading for our selection of favourites.

Resident Evil 4 VR Mode Screenshot

Resident Evil 4 Remake – VR Mode

Quite frankly, if you own a PSVR 2 and don’t have a Resident Evil game then you’re doing something wrong. Because PSVR 2 has two Resi exclusives, the first being Resident Evil 4 Remake. Capcom released the remake of one of the most popular entries in the franchise in early 2023. Then, in the latter half of last year the ‘VR Mode’ came along.

No mere third-party hash job, the VR Mode was developed in-house so fans could fully enjoy the Remake in VR. Available as free downloadable content for the base game, it features a bunch of VR-centric controls to immerse you in the gameplay.

Resident Evil Village on PSVR 2

Resident Evil Village

The other Resi game you should have on PSVR 2 is Resident Evil Village. Way before Resident Evil 4’s VR Mode was on the scene players were heading to Castle Dimitrescu. Arriving at PSVR 2’s launch, Resident Evil Village was a huge success for Capcom and VR players were able to immerse themselves in survival horror like never before.

Just like other flatscreen-to-VR ports, Village received motion controls, the ability to dual wield and more core VR features.

Gran Turismo 7 screenshot

Gran Turismo 7

Another flatscreen game that received VR support was Gran Turismo 7. Sony’s flagship racing title from 2022, for the launch of PSVR 2 Sony ensured it received a free VR upgrade for new and existing owners. Racing games are made for VR, sitting you in the driver’s seat as you speed around tracks in ridiculous cars. There’s no greater sense of speed in gaming than overtaking at 200 miles an hour in VR.

Even in VR Gran Turismo 7 all the bells and whistles of the normal game. You get to enjoy all the tracks and cars that are on offer. This is the premium choice for any racing fan with a PSVR 2.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain screenshot

Horizon Call of the Mountain

A PSVR 2 launch title, Horizon Call of the Mountain was the game to sell the headset – so it’s likely most already have it. Set in the same universe as Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) and Horizon Forbidden West (2022) the VR edition is separate, featuring its own unique storyline.

You join an expedition to investigate a new mystery regarding the machines, with a brand-new world to explore. Climb mountainous peaks, expertly hunt with your bow and encounter fantastical creatures as you head out on this stunning adventure.

Red Matter 2 PSVR 2 - screenshot1

Red Matter 2

Vertical Robot’s Red Matter 2 has become a bit of a poster child for VR graphics. Its stunning views of the solar system were only improved with the arrival of PSVR 2, with the studio adding 4K re-mastered textures, enhanced lighting and more. But Red Matter 2 is more than just a pretty picture, it serves up a solid sci-fi narrative and lots of puzzle gameplay.

Set during a dystopian Cold War, one faction has developed reality-bending technology that could have grave consequences for humanity. Continuing the story from the first game, this time around you play Sasha who’s sent to uncover those secrets. The gameplay revolves around solving environmental, physics, and logic-based puzzles, with a jet pack and plenty of zero-g environments thrown in.

PSVR 2 PlayStation Showcase Arizona Sunshine 2

Arizona Sunshine 2

If shooting endless undead is more your thing then Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine 2 is worth a look. The original zombie shooter game came out in 2016 and was hugely popular. Arizona Sunshine 2 continues the adventure with new features, more guns, hordes of undead and lashings of gore.

There’s a single-player campaign, a co-op mode to bring a friend along and a 4-player Horde mode. Plenty going on! Filled with head-popping action, Arizona Sunshine 2 also introduces Buddy, your four-legged friend. Buddy’s great for attacking zombies when you’re reloading or for fetching useful items.

Synapse Screenshot-Reload


The latest VR game from British studio nDreams, Synapse is another PSVR 2 exclusive. Set in an abstract world that’s mostly black and white with occasional flourishes of colour, Synapse features gameplay that combines brutal firepower with surging telekinetic abilities.

Synapse is the culmination of a decade of VR-only development,” the studio previously said, ensuring that every action-packed moment is perfectly tailored to VR.

Best Open World VR Games - No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky

No seemingly endless universe in VR can quite compete with No Man’s Sky. It may not have been designed initially for VR – that feature was added later on – but players have enjoyed the procedural worlds No Man’s Sky offers.

Regularly updated since its launch in 2016, No Man’s Sky gives you the freedom to tailor your character however you wish. Become an explorer or become a pirate, choose whether to plunder planets or join forces with other players to discover the farthest reaches. Just be careful not to get lost along the way.

Walkabout Mini Golf screenshot

Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf is in a league of its own, featuring several times in XR Source’s ‘Best VR’ lists. Great in single-player or with up to seven other people in multiplayer, this is mini-golf at its best. You get a decent selection of 18-hole golf courses to start you off, as well as secret golf balls to find. Once you’ve found them you can swap your ball out for one of their vibrant designs.

Once you’ve got through the core courses, developer Mighty Coconut has released a huge amount of DLC course content to purchase. This provides an almost endless supply of mini-golf entertainment. Great for practising your putting skills.

Legendary Tales screenshot3

Legendary Tales

The newest title on this list, Legendary Tales is an action RPG from Urban Wolf Games. It has been very well received by PSVR 2 players, because who doesn’t love a good dungeon-crawling adventure? Featuring a physics-based fighting system that makes you feel part of the combat, utilise swords, shields, bows and other weaponry to defeat endless monsters.

Fun played solo, Legendary Tales becomes a great laugh when a few friends join you on the journey.

So how many of these titles do you already own? And which ones are you going to pick up? Or do you have your own particular favourite not on this list? Let us know in the comments.