New Swarm 2 Meta Quest Gameplay Content Revealed

One of the games XR Source is looking forward to in March is Greensky Games’ Swarm 2. An action-packed grappling, swinging arcade adventure, Swarm 2 is due to hit Meta Quest on 7th March. Ahead of its launch, the studio has released further gameplay details including weapons, maps and more.

We already know that Swarm 2 on Meta Quest is going to be bigger and more intense, but what new stuff will there be? The studio has released a new video for just that reason. First up is the fact that the sequel is set to introduce roguelike elements. That means when you die there’s a much deeper progression system in place to help you out next time around. And therefore help replayability.

When you die, items like Shards and purchased upgrades will remain. Shards can be spent on abilities like slow-motion, jet boosters and a backstab attack. Or use them to upgrade your core stats to make yourself stronger.

Swarm 2 screenshot2

Get swarming

Swarm 2 is comprised of 18 levels filled with hordes of enemies. Then on levels six, twelve and eighteen, you have boss fights to contend with. So choosing where to spend those Shards is crucial. However, there are also temporary perks to collect after successful completion of each level. These can range from being able to stun enemies to increasing your damage output. You can also reroll if you don’t like the perks offered plus they also stack for an even bigger boost.

The original Swarm arrived in 2021 and since then Greensky Games has taken on community feedback regarding new content. Firstly, you have dedicated swinging levels where you have to navigate a course collecting Shards. Secondly, the map sizes have been vastly increased alongside a nice variety of themes. These will now all be procedurally generated so each run should always be different.

If that wasn’t enough there are new game modes. There’s a huge city to swing around in and find hidden collectables in the Freeroam Mode. Or how about the Arcade Mode which gives you access to the maps you’ve already unlocked. Plus, there’s a PvP system where you can challenge other’s scores or protect your own.

Swarm 2 will be available from 7th March 2024 for Meta Quest. A pre-order discount of 10% is currently on offer.

Will you be pre-ordering Swarm 2? Were you a fan of the original? Let us know in the comments.