Award-Winning Puzzler Humanity is Coming to Meta Quest

In 2023 tha Ltd and Enhance Games (Tetris Effect: Connected, REZ Infinite) released the puzzle game Humanity. Available in flatscreen and VR formats for PlayStation and PC, it received critical acclaim and won multiple awards. Soon it’ll be the turn of Meta Quest owners to guide Humanity into the light.

Taking inspiration from classic puzzle games like Lemmings, the idea is to guide hordes of humans to a final goal. All without them falling off the ledge and to their doom. You take the form of a glowing Shiba Inu dog, whom they’ll happily follow wherever you go.

Of course, you do have far more control over the mindless masses than simply being a guiding light. You have to tell them when to turn, jump and more, all around minimalist environments with experimental synth music playing in the background.

Humanity Game PS5 image2

Humanity on Meta Quest

Designed as a series of trials over 90 levels, you place command markers as you go to ensure the marching crowds of people go where you need them to. There are plenty of actions available depending on the level. They can push items, float across chasms, climb obstacles and even shoot when required.

Levels can have multiple goals but there are also secondary objectives. Each level features Goldie, a giant golden figure you can optionally collect. However, a certain amount of Goldie’s are required for story progression. They’ll also unlock new features like human cosmetics and fast forward. Then there are the boss levels and action stages, directly controlling the people to attack these huge characters. Humans love to fight so later on the game will introduce rival factions that go head-to-head – hence the shooting.

You can also get creative, building your own levels with the Stage Creator. And yes, that means Quest users can play PlayStation and PC-created levels. “Because user stages are available across platforms, anyone playing on any platform (Steam, PlayStation, and now Quest) can create and share their Humanity stages with our growing user community,” says Enhance Games.

Humanity for Meta Quest will launch on 14th March 2024. It is available to pre-order now on the Quest Store with a 20% discount.

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