Become a Guiding Light in New Humanity Gameplay

Humanity is a PS5 game – and PC – set for release in a couple of weeks. It’s a puzzle adventure title – which you probably realise – is all about saving humanity. Created by tha Ltd and Enhance Games, the developers have released the first in a series of gameplay videos detailing just how deep Humanity actually is. And there’s certainly more than you might realise.

Humanity’s 90 levels are a series of trials, where hordes of humans have to get from a start goal into the light. To do this they’ll follow you, a glowing Shiba Inu, around the minimalist environments. However, without your guidance, these hordes of humans will simply step off the edge. So you need to tell them when to turn, jump and more, or else they’ll never be saved.

Humanity Game PS5 - image5

Humanity Gameplay

Humanity’s gameplay is quite straightforward, to begin with. As the golden Shiba Inu you can place directional markers to turn the throng away from danger, or place a jump marker to make them leap to a ledge. The flow of people can be split if required or you can use the float ability to slow their descent or boost them higher into the air in unison with a fan.

Levels can have multiple goals to get people to but there are also secondary objectives. Each level features Goldie, a giant golden figure you can optionally collect. However, a certain amount of Goldie’s are required for story progression. They’ll also unlock new features like human cosmetics and fast forward.

Some stages will have unique features like pushable blocks, climbable walls and switches to open up new paths.

It isn’t all methodical puzzle-solving, however. Humanity includes boss levels and action stages, directly controlling the people to attack these huge characters. Humans love to fight so later on the game will introduce rival factions that go head-to-head.

See all of this and more in part 1 of the Humanity gameplay below. Or take a look at the fun Humanity trailer. The game is set to launch on 16th May 2023 for PS5 (with PSVR 2 support), PS4 (with PSVR support) and PC (with PC VR support).