Tetris Effect: Connected Getting Physical PSVR 2 Edition

Enhance Games’ Tetris Effect: Connected was part of the PlayStation VR 2 launch games collection in February. But for those who like to collect physical copies for their gaming collection, Limited Run Games is about to launch two new physical editions.

The company announced on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) that pre-orders for Tetris Effect: Connected on PS5 with PSVR 2 support will go live on 12th September 2023. Two options will be available, a Standard Edition for $39.99 USD which is just the game with no extras. The Collectors Edition retails for $99.99. This contains a Tetrimino-shaped collector’s box, the original soundtrack as well as an OST download code, enamel pins, 32 postcards and a frame box.

Tetris Effect: Connected screenshot

Tetris Connected

Japanese studios Monstars and Resonair alongside publisher Enhance Games revived the Tetris brand with Tetris Effect back in 2018. The classic puzzle gameplay was augmented with a synergy of impressive new visuals and music. Inspired by Enhance Games’ REZ and REZ Infinite. 2021 saw the arrival of a huge multiplayer update, morphing the game into Tetris Effect Connected.

This added a wealth of new gameplay modes, both competitive and cooperative. This included CONNECTED, a three-player mode where they team up to fight against A.I.-controlled Bosses. Zone Battle is a one-on-one match of standard Tetris but with the new time-stopping Zone mechanic thrown in. Lastly, there’s Score Attack and Classic Score Attack, two single-player versus modes where two players compete separately to see who can get the best score.

For the PSVR 2 version of the game, the developers have included a range of improvements. For example, using PSVR 2’s eye tracking you can enter the ZONE by closing and then opening your eyes. You also have plenty of haptic feedback through the headset and Sense controllers.

The pre-order window for Tetris Effect: Connected runs from 12 September to 15th October 2023.