Stilt Leaps and Bounds onto VR Headsets This March

If you like VR platformers with a spring in their step then Stilt might be for you. From Rekt Games and VRKiwi (Towers & Powers, Survivorman VR: The Descent) Stilt is a vibrant platformer coming to VR headsets next month.

With giant springs for legs, you can leap about colourful levels with lightning reflexes solving all manner of puzzles. As you soar over chasms, evade traps, and shatter obstacles you’ll need to reclaim lost gift packages and stamps along the way.

You’re not simply springloaded either, there are plenty of powerups to unlock. Power-ups that let you fly, grapple and swing like a champion, and hurl fireballs at enemies.

Stilt screenshot2

Stilt Gameplay

Stilt will feature both single-player and online PvP multiplayer modes. Once you’ve mastered the solo campaign and the subtle art of bouncing around levels try any of the four modes. ‘Smack-em-all!’ encourages skilful bounces to send opponents into the sea, while ‘Area Bash’ tests your agility within a shifting boundary. Navigate ‘Electric Tag’ carefully to avoid zaps and aim for balloon-popping success in ‘Balloon Hunt’. Additionally, there’s the lobby area to meet fellow players and gear up for your next adventure.

“Our goal was to create a VR platformer game that takes full advantage of the unique features of virtual reality,” says Rekt Games. “We wanted players to feel like they can move freely and without restrictions. The typical VR games rely on teleportation or using controllers to move, but this can make players feel confined. In the VR world we want players to feel faster and more agile than they do in reality. The experience should be smooth and natural, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the game.”

For those keen on trying the game now, a Stilt demo is available on Quest App Lab and SideQuest.

Stilt will be available for purchase from 8th March 2024 on Steam VR, Meta Quest (via App Lab), and PSVR 2, priced at $19.99 USD. Additionally, Steam users can enjoy a 10% launch discount.

Like the look of Stilt? Will you be picking it up on launch day? Or are you still getting through all the new VR games from February?