Psychedelic Shooter Akka Arrh PSVR 2 Release Date Confirmed

Last year, legendary developer Jeff Minter of Llamasoft (Polybius, Gribrunner, Moose Life) released psychedelic shooter Akka Arrh for console and PC. Then in January, it was revealed that a PSVR 2 edition was on the way! Today an official Akka Arrh PSVR 2 launch date has been confirmed for March.

While Akka Arrh is already a visual feast in flatscreen form, the VR port promises much more. Minter, in collaboration with Atari, has created a game that “transcends its 2D constraints, unveiling a new dimension of gameplay that is as immersive as it is intuitive,” the team proclaims.

If you’ve played Moose Life on PSVR then you’ll know how Minter’s retro graphics surround and bombard you. “Each layer of techno-infused action, previously compressed in the 2D space, now unfurls in a rich 3D landscape,” says the press release. “In this surreal VR world of cascading shapes, colours, and sounds, every element of Minter’s vision comes to life with an intensity and clarity that was once unimaginable, transforming Akka Arrh into an unparalleled sensory odyssey.”

Akka Arrh screenshot1

Akka Arrh on PSVR2

The gameplay in Akka Arrh is an intense bullet hell shooter. It is also Minter’s take on one of the rarest arcade games of the 80s era. From a central command point called ‘The Sentinel’ the idea is to shoot wave after wave of enemies, utilising bombs that trigger a chain of reactions on-screen.

When enemies are defeated, players accumulate bullets to keep the multiplier up. Players also need to plan each carefully timed shot to maximize their high score across the 50 unique levels. You can start each run from the beginning or pick up where you left off.

The PSVR 2 edition will also come with the option to disable the intense visual effects.

It’s not the only game set to arrive next month. OVRDARK: a Do Not Open story and MADiSON VR are now both set to launch in March.

Akka Arrh comes to PS5 and PSVR 2 on 8th March 2024. Will you be picking up a copy on launch day? Let us know in the comments below.