Tiger Blade for Meta Quest Release Date Announced

Meta players will soon be able to step into the shoes of a deadly assassin. The once PSVR 2 exclusive Tiger Blade now has an official release date for Meta Quest headsets. And it’s coming very soon indeed.

Tiger Blade is set in an alternate Korea. You play the deadliest assassin for the Horangi chapter of the Tiger Clans. Tasked with stealing a mysterious package from a rival chapter, you discover it’s a tiger cub, thought extinct for a century. Now, every gang, including some within your own, wants this mythical creature. And you dead.

Created by Paris-based developer Ikimasho, Tiger Blade is an on-rails adrenaline punch of gun and sword combat that evokes the spirit and excitement of arcade classic, Time Crisis. Players can unleash mayhem as you slash and blast through action scenes. The game is designed to leave you feeling like an unstoppable killing machine, combining hack-n’-slash and gun combat. The former allows you to slash an enemy with the sword, and then auto-dash to the next action hotspot to keep the action moving.

Tiger Blade screenshot

Tiger Blade for Meta Quest

Tiger Blade received a middling response on PSVR 2. While many enjoyed the game’s vision of a neo-noir Korea, many lamented the on-rails nature of the game. Ikimasho are surely hoping for a better reception on Meta Quest headsets.

The Meta Quest release of Tiger Blade was announced last month. And now, developer Ikimasho and publisher Big Sugar have confirmed Tiger Blade will release 22nd February, 2024, on the Meta Store. Tiger Blade will be compatible with Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro headsets. The game is available to pre-order now with a 10% discount.

Designed for fast, high energy, high intensity sessions, Tiger Blade demands skill, focus, and quick reflexes. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Let us know in the comments below!