Tiger Blade Pounces onto PSVR2 this Year

Big Sugar and developer Ikimasho have announced Tiger Blade will debut on PSVR 2 later this year. An intense VR experience, Tiger Blade has been inspired by the very best of Korean neo-noir action cinema.

Tiger Blade is set in an alternate Korea and serves up adrenaline-soaked sword and gun combat. The story casts players in the role of a deadly assassin working for the Horangi chapter of the Tiger Clans. Ordered to steal a mysterious package from a rival chapter, you are shocked to find the object of the heist is a tiger cub. Thought to be extinct for a hundred years, the mythical creature is now desired by every gang in Sewoon and they’ll stop at nothing to take it from you. 

Created by Paris-based developer Ikimasho, Tiger Blade combines fast-paced sword combat and punchy gunplay. Players slash and blast their way through enemy-filled marketplaces, docks, alleys and streets.

Tiger Blade screenshot

Tiger Blade for PSVR 2

Tiger Blade aims to make the most of the PSVR 2‘s unique features. The game will support immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers, and headset rumble. Other features will be revealed in due course.

Yann Suquet, co-founder and CEO at developer Ikimasho, explains why he wanted to bring Tiger Blade to VR: “Korean neo-noir cinema must be my favorite film genre. I love how dark and brutal they are, both physically and psychologically, and never have a happy ending.

Tiger Blade is a love letter to those movies… and I must admit, it’s also a way for me to live the fantasy of becoming a hero of one of those films. We hope you look forward to becoming a badass action hero as much as we enjoyed making Tiger Blade.

Tiger Blade for PSVR 2 will launch later in 2023. No specific release date has yet been announced.