Slender: The Arrival VR Teased as ‘Coming Soon’

The start of January is always crazy thanks to CES. But there’s always other stuff going on, like Perp Games holding a special horror day. Revealing new scary games and updates, Perp Games (very briefly) unveiled Slender: The Arrival VR.

A short teaser trailer has shown us the first glimpse of Slender: The Arrival VR, but there’s not much to go on. Apart from being listed as ‘coming soon’ Perp Games hasn’t specified what VR platforms the game will support. However, it strongly supports PSVR 2, having just released Vertigo 2. And then there are all the countless physical copies of games it produces for Sony’s headset.

Furthermore, Slender: The Arrival was originally a flatscreen game, so an edition like the PC version could get a VR update. We don’t know at this point.

Slender The Arrival VR screenshot2

Expecting Slenders arrival

Slender: The Arrival is the work of Blue Isle Studios, initially released in 2013. It was a successor to the short, experimental game Slender: The Eight Pages. Slender: The Arrival reimagined its predecessor, adding a new storyline, new characters, improved visuals and more. All based on Slender Man, of course, the online paranormal phenomenon.

An acclaimed horror game, last year Slender: The Arrival celebrated its 10th anniversary. This saw a huge update arrive for the game, serving up a visual overhaul, more language options and a brand-new chapter called ‘Nightmare’. Blue Isle Studios also detailed its 2024 roadmap which includes multiplayer support, additional chapters and cross-platform mod support between the PC and console versions.

How much of all of this will be present in Slender: The Arrival VR remains to be seen. Just like VR ports such as Blair Witch VR Edition expect to see new immersive control mechanics. And it’ll be scarier because VR horror games always are.

Looking forward to Slender: The Arrival VR? Let us know your impressions in the comments below.