Arizona Sunshine 2 Quest 3 Enhancements Coming in 2024

Vertigo Games’ Arizona Sunshine 2 had a successful launch at the beginning of the month. Having just released its first major patch, the studio has also revealed one slight delay. Originally, the Meta Quest 3 version of Arizona Sunshine 2 was going to get several upgrades this month. Vertigo Games has now said that’ll happen in the new year.

Meta Quest 3 already boasts an upgraded resolution over its Quest 2 counterpart. But the dev team are going to take this a step further. That’s to Quest 3’s additional processing power, players will eventually get to enjoy high-resolution textures and enhanced FX effects. Plus, everyone’s favourite Buddy will become even more lifelike thanks to realistic fur modelling.

Arizona Sunshine 2 Launch Screenshot2

Quest 3 Upgrades

“Since Day 1 you already enjoy an upgraded resolution and you’ve been awaiting the free upgrade set to go live this month,” Vertigo Games explains on X. The new MetaQuest v60 update has unlocked exciting possibilities for Arizona Sunshine 2. That is why we are now taking some more time to introduce significant upgrades in the new year. We understand this is a bummer, but we’re committed to make the very most of your experience on Quest 3. That means extra graphic features such as high-res textures, enhanced FX effects for a more immersive feel, and more yet to be announced.”

  • High-resolution textures and anisotropic filtering for select objects
  • Enhanced FX to enrich immersion
  • Introduction of Buddy Fur
  • Plus, several other enhancements to be announced later

While Quest 3 owners will have to wait until the new year for all of those features, the new v1.1 patch can be enjoyed now. There’s a huge selection of tweaks and QoL improvements. The most significant comes to the revamped difficulties, renamed Story, Adventure, Survivor, and Apocalypse. So whether you’re an experienced VR player who can hack ‘Survival’, or you’re after a gentler ‘Story’ experience, you should be covered.

What are your impressions of Arizona Sunshine 2 on Quest 3 so far? Let us know in the comments below.