How to Play Arizona Sunshine 2 Ahead of Launch

Vertigo Games’ zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine 2 is set to launch tomorrow. However, early access is now available for Meta Quest, PSVR 2 and PCVR headsets. Here’s how to play Arizona Sunshine 2 today!

The long-awaited sequel to Arizona Sunshine (2016), Arizona Sunshine 2 is an action-packed, story-driven adventure. You once again step into the shoes of the franchise’s dark-humoured protagonist, as he tries to survive a zombie-filled post-apocalyptic world. You won’t be alone either – in more ways than one – because by your side will be Buddy, your ever-loyal pooch. Furthermore, Arizona Sunshine 2 also supports co-op, so you can team up with a friend to take on the undead hordes.

While the campaign will be bigger and bloodier than ever thanks to a ‘next-gen mutilation and gore system’, there’s more. The game also features a Horde mode supporting up to four players at once! Featuring realistic VR combat, players can enjoy full manual reloading and physical handling of over 40 weapons.

Arizona Sunshine 2 Launch Screenshot2

How to Play Arizona Sunshine 2 Early

Arizona Sunshine 2 is available to pre-order now for Meta Quest, PSVR 2 and PCVR headsets. But it is the Deluxe Edition you’ll want to buy to allow you to play the game ahead of the full launch tomorrow. The standard edition is priced at $49.99 USD/€49,99 EUR. The Deluxe Edition is priced at £54.99 GBP/$59.99/€59.99 plus there’s a discount on most stores. Meta’s Quest Store has the lowest deal, Arizona Sunshine 2 Deluxe Edition is retailing for £39.99 instead of £44.99.

Additionally, the Deluxe Edition includes Biker Bark Vest, Worker Watch, and Ducky Weapon Charm in-game exclusive bonuses (from the standard edition). Plus Freddy Hands Skin, Doggy Weapon Charm, and Undead Buddy, turning your four-legged friend into an undead killing machine.

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