Arizona Sunshine 2 on Quest 2 Still Looks Impressive

Vertigo Games has been ramping up its marketing efforts for Arizona Sunshine 2 ahead of its 7th December launch. As part of that campaign, the studio has released a selection of gameplay trailers and new details. The latest specifically focuses on the Meta Quest 2. And from what we’ve seen, Arizona Sunshine 2 on Quest 2 looks alright.

Previous trailers came from the PCVR and PSVR 2 editions of the game. Now we get to see what Arizona Sunshine 2 looks like on Meta’s most popular headset. As you’d expect, the Quest 2 suffers from several visual downgrades. There’s a noticeable drop in environmental detail, and the gore doesn’t look anywhere near as gruesome. Even so, considering that Quest 2 is over three years old the graphics aren’t too shabby.

See the full trailer here to make your own decision.

Arizona Sunshine 2 - Quest 2

Welcome back to Arizona!

Whilst it’s not too surprising that Vertigo Games wants to show Quest 2 owners what they’re getting, we’d have expected a Meta Quest 3 video by now. The studio has already confirmed that the new VR headset will benefit from several upgrades. These include an upgrade in resolution with real-time shadows on dynamic objects arriving a little later.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is set to become one of the biggest VR titles of the year. Continuing from where the original left off, you’ll once again stomp the dusty wilderness in search of zombies. This time, you’ll be accompanied by your four-legged friend Buddy, who can retrieve items and attack enemies on command.

And as the developer recently confirmed, the game will feature an extensive co-op mode. Players will be able to team up with a mate in the campaign or join a group of four in the endless Horde mode.

Arizona Sunshine 2 arrives in less than two weeks. It’ll support Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest ProPlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) and PC VR headsets. You can still pre-order Arizona Sunshine 2 now.