Toy Trains Boarding Commences on Quest 2 in Q4 2023

Building toy trainsets has been a pastime many people have continued from childhood to adulthood. But it does take up a lot of space. Solving that problem virtually is the upcoming game from Something Random. Toy Trains, a playful track-building title will be heading to Meta Quest headsets before the end of the year. It will also be available to play at this month’s Gamescom event.

Designed as a relaxing experience that doesn’t need to be rushed, Toy Trains is all about unleashing your creativity. After learning the basics, you’ll be given a series of open-ended challenges which can be solved in multiple ways. Whilst figuring out your track design, you’ll also be able to decorate your boards with numerous items.

Toy Trains screenshot

All aboard!

Toy Trains features what Something Random calls a ‘nostalgic storyline’. “In a world where vintage toys and forgotten treasures spring to life, prepare to embark on a remarkable journey to an imaginative realm where the familiar clink of tracks and the echoes of laughter from yesteryears come together in a symphony of creativity and exploration.”

All the various train segments and track parts easily snap together, just like a real train set!

“Yeah, I’ll give you a quote in a sec, just need to finish this loop, and now put this flower garden here, and maybe change this track over there, and…” said Cezary Skorupka, CEO of SR, who plays with trains for a living.

Toy Trains is scheduled to arrive for Meta Quest 2 (and Quest 3), alongside SteamVR in Q4 2023. Versions for PSVR 2 and Pico headsets will follow at a later date.

Looking forward to spending hours building your own virtual train set? Let us know your impressions in the comments below. And for more relaxing puzzlers check out our 7 best VR puzzle games.