Compete in the Brazen Blaze ‘Thrill Challenge’ Next Month

In December MyDearest Inc. is set to host a special one-off event for its upcoming title, Brazen Blaze. Called the ‘Thrill Challenge’, players can sign up to test Brazen Blaze, compete against VR content creator ThrillSeeker and possibly win some prizes in the process.

The Brazen Blaze ‘Thrill Challenge’ takes place on 16th December 2023. An exclusive evening to play the game before the open beta test next year, if you’re interested you’ll need to sign up here. When it comes to the Thrill Challenge this works randomly. During the session, if you match against ThrillSeeker’s team and win, everyone on the team wins a $50 USD Steam gift card. Yes, that’s one for each person.

Additionally, the event will see MyDearest Inc. make Velvet, a katana-wielding character available for the first time.

Compete in Brazen Blaze

Compete in Brazen Blaze

To take part in the Thrill Challenge you’ll need to own a Meta Quest 2. Those who successfully register will then receive the early build of the game. Here’s how the schedule will look:

  • Servers open at 3 pm PST (11 pm GMT)) on Saturday 16th
  • 5 pm PST (1 am GMT, 17th) is reserved for those new to Brazen Blaze
  • 6 pm PST (2 am GMT, 17th) ‘Thrill Challenge’ ThrillSeeker’s team joins random matches
  • 7 pm PST (3 am GMT, 17th) Event ends

After that, it’s on to the Brazen Blaze Open Beta Test in 2024. No details just yet on when that’ll precisely happen, just that it’ll take place early next year. Because My Dearest Inc. is aiming for a Spring 2024 launch.

Brazen Blaze is an action-packed brawler where two teams of three go head-to-head in a fight to the death. All the characters are cybernetically enhanced so that players can utilise the urban environments however they choose to gain an advantage. The crucial mechanic in the game is melee combat is the only way to kill an opponent. You can hurt them from range, but you have to get in close for the final blow.

Will you be joining the challenge in December? Let us know in the comments.